We ship these wines every wednesday!We ship these wines every wednesday!

MYSTERY BOTTLES ! Drink them blind...


€20,00 per litre

Price includes taxes, but not delivery


We've carefully selected 12 (awesome) different wines totalling 250+ bottles to offer you an awesome blind tasting experience, which you can adjust to your budget!


This will make an awesome party game!

Ranging in price from 14.50€ to 35€, each of these bottles comes a little cheaper than their listed price and you are encouraged to watch the interactive video just before and whilst drinking the wine, which will prompt you with questions to think about where your wine might come from

REMEMBER, you do not need to be an expert to try blind tasting - we want this to be fun and enjoyable for all! 

Yes, self-confessed wine-nerds will get a kick out of getting the producer right... but you are not expected to know this. Instead, this is about thinking where a wine could be from, possibilities of potential grapes based on your palate-memory from what you have tried before. It's not a competition on who knows the most about wine - it's about thinking of a wine without knowing any information about it! :)

Besides the fun element, you can also see it as a bit of learning exercise for your palate. See what flavours and characteristics you notice developing as you discuss. It can make for a fun activity at a dinner or relaxed get-together !

Add one to your basket and have some fun with it!

Info to note:

ALL wines are single varietals, there are no blends.

One of these wines is a 'new world' wine.

Red 6 is both amazingly delicious yet particularly difficult to guess close to, where we expect even wine professionals will struggle.

White 7 has a touch of skin-contact. 


RED 1 - 14.50€ 

RED 2 - 20€

RED 3 - 25€

RED 4 -24€

RED 5 -25€

RED 6 -35€

WHITE 7 -16.50€

WHITE 8 -16.50€

WHITE 9 -20€

WHITE 10 -24€

WHITE 11 -25€

WHITE 12 -30€


Alcohol: Between 10-13.5%

Bottle Size: 750ml

Price Per Litre: € 19.33-46.67

Allergies: Contains Sulphites*

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YES! We can deliver to you!   


Our delivery is quite unique, as we work with our partner importers who supply us the wines to ship to you. This allows you to have much more choice than one shop in general, but the only thing we ask in return is a little patience in delivery and the understanding, that their might be the possibility that one of your wines could be unexpectedly out of stock.  and

If ordered by 10am on Tuesday, we pick up the ordered wines on Wednesdays from our partners, and aim to dispatch the same day! If in Germany, you can expect your wines within 2-3 working days of his day. If elsewhere in Europe, expect between 2-6 working days.