We ship these wines every wednesday!We ship these wines every wednesday!

Frauenpower Box DEAL #4 with Book


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Whilst the word "winemaker" does not have a gender attached to it, sadly still too many people automatically think of a man when hearing the word. Nowadays more than ever however, there are many passionate hard-working women in vineyards all over the world.

With our "female winemaker boxes" we want to shine more light on some of these incredible women and for this fourth edition specifically we picked 5 wines from wonderful winemakers in Europe and America!

On top of the delicious wines you will also get the amazing book "We don't want any crap in our Wine" by Camilla Gjerde which is all about female winemakers and the amazing work they do, as well as our exclusive red Frauenpower bag!

And as if all this wasn't enough yet, buying this box means you also save some euros in comparison to buying the bottles separately.

So, which amazing women's wines are in this box:

Du Vin aux Liens - l‘Heure Doree 2019

We adore this wine! Blend of Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris and Riesling which has a lovely balance in acidity, not being too high yet remaining lively and fresh. Reminds us of super tasty fizzy kids sweets…. alongside hints of peach and thyme. DELICIOUS!

Country: France - Grapes: Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Pinot Gris / Alcohol: 12,5%

Vin De LaGamba - Frauenpower Rosé

As if the usual red Frauenpower was not enough, Alanna Lagamba has lifted the bar with her insanely good, brand new Rosé version! It's super unique with a little bit of Hops going on too, cream soda, herbs, vanilla ice cream kinda vibe. 

Country: Germany - Grapes: Dornfelder, Riesling, Siegerrebe / Alcohol: 10.5%

Glow Glow Wines - Rot 2021

Glow Glow Wines is crafted by siblings Pauline & Carl Baumberger (with Pauline at the forefront of the operation) who are sixth generation winemakers in Nahe, Germany. Their natural wines are light, refreshing and always enjoyable. 2021 was the first year they released their "Rot", a very drinkable red with hints of cherry cola!

Country: Germany - Grapes: Dornfelder, Regent - Alcohol: 10,5%

Autour de l'Anne - Les etats d'Anne

A glou glou wine which still offers more complexity, made by Anne Paillet in Languedoc, France. The wine has a vibrant energy we particularly like.

Country: France - Grapes: Cinsault, Grenache - Alcohol: 12%

Martha Stoumen - Post Flirtation White Blend

This white wine from the USA from Martha Stoumen is very light at 9.5%. It's very easy-drinking, light and buttery with a mild floral note.

Country: USA - Grapes: Roussanne, Marsanne, Muscat Blanc, Colombard - Alcohol: 9.5%

"We Don't Want Any Crap in Our Wine" by Camilla Gjerde

This fantastic book is the first of a kind, focusing solely on women producers of natural wine. It portraits nine badass women and explores what drives natural wine producers to do what they do, to go on, despite being outsiders, despite the hardships and the risks. 

Hardcover / English / Published in 2021

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