We ship these wines every wednesday!We ship these wines every wednesday!

Mini Pet Nat Party Box DEAL!


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For those unaware, Pet-Nats are sparkling wines which are very popular in the natural wine scene, in which the final part of the fermentation takes place within the bottle.

They are then often 'disgorged' to remove yeasty sediment, but sometimes not. They have a very unique taste compared to Cremant or Prosecco wines. 

We thought we'd put together a small box set for all you bubbly fans to have a proper pet-nat party with. Whether new to natural wines or very familiar with them - EVERYONE will love these three pet-nats !

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So what's in this wonderful box of fizz?

Vin De LaGamba - Frauenpower Rosé

Frauenpower now also comes in Rosé format and it evolves over time! We got notes of herbs, red berries, cream soda, as well as vanilla ice cream kinda vibes!

Country: Germany - Grapes: Dornfelder, Riesling, Siegerrebe / Alcohol: 9.5%

Nature's Calling - Riesling (note: not a pet nat)

Nature's Calling is a collaborative project from Berlin. For this Riesling they are using grapes from winemaker Jonas Bosch in the Pfalz. This is a slightly smokey and tangy orange with medicinal touches. It has a very easy drinking aspect with a super mild grip.

Country: Germany - Grapes: Riesling - Alcohol: 10%

Schmelzer - Dion

This Austrian wine is so good for its price! You get baked pear, biscuit, elderflower and some mild aromatics. Pop this open on a hot afternoon and you’ll be in heaven.

Country: Austria - Grapes: Welschriesling, Sämling - Alcohol: 11,5%


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