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Schmecke das Leben meaning “taste the life” - is a group of five Styrian winemakers in Austria united by a collective vision - to provide a respectful and sustainable interaction with the earth and vines to produce lively wines that really express their origins.

Consisting of producers WerlitschTaussTscheppeStrohmeier and Muster, each one consistently shares their experiences with each other in order to enrich their collective knowledge.

Careful handling of the vines and consideration of the symbiosis of animals and plants are of utmost importance; each vineyard is teeming with beneficial wildlife to promote healthy and vital vines. After harvest, the wines are stored and allowed to develop on their own time with minimal intervention, “allowing wine making itself in its own timeframe”.

The wines themselves are incredibly structured, with a long lasting finish and a spectrum of aromas, making them an ideal accompaniment to meals. These are fine and often highly sought after, rare wines of the natural wine world, made with love, passion and nature!

So what's in this wonderful "Schmecke das Leben" box?

Tscheppe - Grüne Libelle 2020

Andreas & Elisabeth Tscheppe are true Styrian wine masters and none of their wines have ever disappointed. This wine's name translates as green dragonfly and wine writer Jamie Goode said about this wine's previous vintage: "Amazingly textured, pure and mineral with dense nuts, apples and a bit of spice. There’s a lovely spicy mineral core to this wine as well as a hint of nice reduction. Such a lovely, rounded yet precise wine. Amazing stuff.”

Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc / Alcohol: 12.5%

Tauss - Cuvee Rot Urban 2011

Roland & Alice Tauss are another of the five winemaking families in "Schmecke das Leben".  Roland says about natural wine: "Such handcrafted wines have their own dynamic, give pleasure and delight the soul. Our natural wine is the creative expression of man and nature..“ This wine would benefit from decanting. When it's ready, you'll be rewarded with fantastic notes of earth, cola, chalk and blueberry. It evolves to then offer whispers of tobacco and eucalyptus alongside some bramble fruit. A real gem!

Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot - Alcohol: 13.5%

Muster  - Gelber Muskateller Vom Opok 2019

Sepp & Maria Muster, as everyone else in this group of winemakers, make beautiful natural wine in their region of Styria, Austria. Their wines are full of grace, expression and a real sense of place -we love them! For their "vom Opok" wines they use mainly younger vines. They are still more vigorous in growth and therefore produce somewhat fresher aromas.

Grapes: Gelber Muskateller - Alcohol: 10.5%

Strohmeier - Tlz Gelb Nr. 7

Christine & Franz Strohmeier are masters of making natural wine, and their wines from the Styria region of Austria really are exceptional. Expressive, elegant and full of their own touches, Strohmeier wines continue to wow us every time. This white wine is recommended to be decanted and they recommend a drinking temperature of 15 degrees.

Grapes: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc - Alcohol: 12,5%

Werlitsch - Morillon vom Opok 2020

Ewald & Brigitte from Weingut Werlitsch continue to produce some impeccable wines and the 2020 vintage of their Morillon vom Opok is no exception. The wine was fermented in large oak casks and aged for 2 years on its lees creating a rich, round, wonderfully balanced and downright delicious bottle! Notes of buttery popcorn, yuzu curd and a slight touch of crumbly biscuit crust.

Grapes: Chardonnay - Alcohol: 12%



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Schmecke das Leben Box

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