We ship these wines every wednesday!We ship these wines every wednesday!

Staying In Bed Box DEAL


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Picture this: it's cold outside, the bed is warm, your favourite person is right next to you and you have nothing to do but stay in bed all day.

Sounds perfect? Well not yet... but if you throw in a stunning bottle of Rose Champagne (because: you deserve to treat yourself!), some bed-proof stemless wine glasses (because: let's be honest, handling regular stemware in bed can be tricky) and two condoms (because: safety first peeps!) then you've got yourself a perfect "Staying in Bed"-Day.

What to expect in your Staying in Bed Box:

Bonnet Ponson - Cuvee Perpétuelle Non Dosage RP16

Wow! Non Dosage Champagne Made with the perpetuelle (solera) system whereby a reserve wine base in barrel is topped up each year, and here it is 60% reserve and then with 40% new added for the bottle! Off the new wine it’s 40% Pinot, 30% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Meunier.

Country: France / Grapes: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay / Alcohol: 12,5%

2x Gabriel Glas Stemless Wine Glasses

The wine glasses from Gabriel Glas are our go-to stemware for sure, but we also adore them without stems. Why go stemless for this one you might ask? A bit less worry about spilling whilst cuddling up under the warm duvet.

2x Einhorn condoms

Einhorn are an awesome young company from Berlin, not only producing vegan condoms, but also giving 50% of their profits to social and sustainable projects. So with their condoms you can have some fun between the sheets AND do something awesome for the environment. 

Happy Staying in Bed Day!


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Our delivery is quite unique, as we work with our partner importers who supply us the wines to ship to you. This allows you to have much more choice than one shop in general, but the only thing we ask in return is a little patience in delivery and the understanding, that their might be the possibility that one of your wines could be unexpectedly out of stock.  and

If ordered by 10am on Tuesday, we pick up the ordered wines on Wednesdays from our partners, and aim to dispatch the same day! If in Germany, you can expect your wines within 2-3 working days of his day. If elsewhere in Europe, expect between 2-6 working days.