C'est Dans Les Yeux Qu'on Le Voit (one per order)

Anders Frederik Steen
Country: France
Wine Type:Red
Vintage: 2019
Bottle Size: 500ml
Alcohol: 15.50%
€45,38 incl. 20% TVA FranceClick to change country.
€90,76 per litre
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C'est dans les yeux qu'on le voit is a smaller bottle, 50cl natural wine crafted by Anders Frederik Steen, in the Ardeche region in France.

This oxidative wine is a red/white blend, made with both Grenache Noir and Chardonnay grapes, which are sourced from Anders own fruit, as well as from his neighbours Domaine du Mazel.


This is such an AMAZING, unique 15.5% wine. Oxidative, plummy, herbal, hints of VA on the nose with the oxidative notes that make it epic. No V.A on the palate, which is instead lengthy and with a touch of R.S that lifts the complexity to new levels!

This wine is typical of AFS, its totally unique - there is nothing like it and it will make the whole table talk. SERIOUSLY INCREDIBLE 👏

Anders states that this is a wine that are very special to them – but also special in general. In 2019 we wanted to make a white wine of Chardonnay, but the white juice didn’t please us, so we added first a white juice from a direct press of Grenache Noir, which helped. But it didn’t really give the wine what we wanted; therefore we made a decision to add also the rosé juice and a small portion of destemmed grapes of Grenache Noir.

The grapes macerated in the juice for a little more than 6 weeks. From there the wine went into to Demi-Muid, where it has been ever since. No topping up, no soutirage. With a hint of oxidation, still 35 grammes of unfermented sugars from the grapes. So, a red wine with tannins as light as a rosé and another character then what we normally make, richer in both structure, sweetness and flavors in general – and oxidative.

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Anders Frederik Steen - C'est Dans Les Yeux Qu'on Le Voit (one per order)
€45,38 incl. 20% TVA FranceClick to change country.
€90,76 per litre

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