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It is no secret that we are big fans of Sicily, the island in general, but also the wines in particular. One of the winemakers we have really fallen in love with is Marco Sferlazzo from Porta del Vento in the Camporeale region, close to Palermo.  

Marco followed his passion for winemaking in 2006, after 20+ years of being a pharmacist! Tasting his wines, though, you'd never know he didn't come from a generations-long winemaking family. Porta del Vento means 'door of the wind' - the vineyards and winery are situated 600 metres above sea level, and the wind is strong and constant. But the wind is what makes this microclimate so special and perfect for Marco's wines - it keeps the vineyard cool and dry, which keeps the PH and acidity levels where they need to be for great sparkling wine, and the difficult-to-grow indigenous grape Perricone.

Here we put together four of Marco's wines for you to try, and maybe you'll fall in love with Porta del Vento's wines too.

Lyr - beautiful complex sparkling wine, unusually made from the red grape Perricone

Altro Verso - medium-bodied red, made from the soulful grape Nerello Mascalese

Grillo 2019 - golden coloured white wine with Sicilian soul and lots of character

Ishac 2021 - soulful red, made from Nero d'Avola 


We also recently went to visit Marco from Porta del Vento and did a little documentary about him and his winery. So open up one of their wonderful wines and let Marco tell you more about them too.


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Fall in Love with Porta del Vento (Sicily) Box DEAL
€88,74 €93,89 incl. 20% TVA FranceClick to change country.

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