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Tavola di Rosso | Natural Wine by Costadila.
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Tavola di Rosso


10.5% Volatile Table Red

Moz | Natural Wine by Costadila.
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Glera + Moscato dreams

Costadila: A Pioneer of Italian Natural Wine

Costadila winery was founded by Ernesto Cattel, who sadly passed away a few years ago. He was known for coupling the 'Col Fondo' (Ancestral) old way of making Prosecco with the use of skin-contact fermentation. Now run by Alex Della Vecchia and a team, the winery remains one of the most iconic natural wineries of Italy.

Costadila Pet Nats

The flavours of Costadila wines can be very refreshing and crisp, and often with a slight aromatic edge thanks to the use of Moscato in some references, such as MOZ. For best results, chill the wine well, then turn the bottle upside down to integrate the sediment to the rest of the wine before opening.

The Costadila sparkling wines work great as an aperitif before dinner, enjoying on a warm afternoon but can also work well with food. We like to enjoy Costadila wines like MOZ or 450slm with pizza or spicy Asian food, as the bright acidity cleanses the palate.

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