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The most underrated wine producer in Pupillin?

Behind this name stands Julien Mareschal, who represents a new generation of producers from Jura. Since 2003, Mareschal cultivates 5 hectares just outside legendary Pupillin village. Having studied winemaking at school... he swiftly had to unlearn everything he had learnt and received great support from other Pupillin winemakers such as Pierre Overnoy and Emmanuel Houillon.

Most of the vineyard is dedicated to white grape varieties Chardonnay and Savagnin with the remaining land dedicated to red grapes Trousseau, Pinot Noir, and Ploussard. Mareschal works completely sustainably and has been in conversion to chemical-free & holistic since 2012.

Domaine de la Borde wines quickly became known in the wine world because of their precision and directness in expressing the unique terroir of Jura.

Julien's Mareschal's love of Vin Jaune...

With 5 hectares to his name on a variety of soil types, wines from Domaine de la Borde tend to be characterised as fine, expressive, and precise with distinct minerality and length. Not afraid to use a touch of sulphur in challenging vintages to secure precision in representing his special terror, Julien Mareschal however is VERY hands off in the cellar - preferring to focus on making exceptional grapes in the vineyard and letting the rest follow naturally.

Popular Domaine de la Borde bottles include his La Marcette, Sous la Roche Trousseau, Côte de Caillot Chardonnay and his exceptional Vin Jaunes, which Julien states in our own documentary that he had to make when he started, to fulfil his ambition of showing his grandfather before he passed.

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