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Nothing added, nothing taken away

Anders Frederik Steen's exciting sulphite-free wines have a real sense of place, character and personality - to the point where many wine-fanatics can easily taste his style if tried blind lined up amongst other producers.

Anders is Danish and began making wine in 2013, in the Ardeche region of France. He was previously a chef and also a sommelier, most notably for trailblazing restaurant NOMA in Copenhagen. He works alongside his partner Anne Blauert with his own grapes, as well as with the grapes of his friends who have the same focus on high-quality chemical-free production, such as producer La Mazel.

Wines that speak for themselves

His labels are simple, text based black and white designs. When we asked him about this very basic style rather than using artwork to make them stand out, he replied he wanted to have wine labels that would be understandable and approachable to everyone, in either a French fancy restaurant or a Tokyo wine bar - and the wine should be allowed to do the talking.

Anders Frederik Steen wines are always hot in demand, and made in limited quantities that usually are allocated quickly around the world. We love them, especially his red/white blends! The names of the wines change every vintage, which encourages us to try as many as possible we must admit.

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