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Kapitel I 2022 | Natural Wine by Christian Tschida.
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Kapitel I 2022

Christian Tschida

Cab Franc on Gravel & Limestone Soils

Non Tradition White 2022 | Natural Wine by Christian Tschida.
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Felsen II 2022 | Natural Wine by Christian Tschida.
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Felsen II 2022

Christian Tschida

Syrah with a black olive touch

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Birdscape Pink 2022 | Natural Wine by Christian Tschida.
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Himmel auf Erden 'Grand Cuvée' 2022 | Natural Wine by Christian Tschida.
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The vineyard and wines of Christian Tschida

Whilst his father promoted chemical-free viticulture through the organisation he founded, Christian Tschida began to make his own wines, in his own style with the least intervention possible in the cellar. One of his techniques includes keeping many of his wines in contact with oxygen whilst in the barrel (some for up to 5 years) and he is also known for using a special vertical press that he lightly squeezes the grapes to extract what Christian Tschida says is only the best juice… and he then returns the remaining juice and grape must back into the vines to promote the health of the vineyard.

Christian mainly farms in the esteemed Leithaberg regon to the north-west of Burgenland’s Lake Neusiedl.

These excellent plots in the famed Leithaberg region, on the opposite side of the lake to his winery in Illmitz are closer to Neusiedl, Rust & Oggau. Here, limestone and slate provide excellent touches of minerality to wines and is one of the oldest known winegrowing sites in the world, actually, with some evidence pointing to vines being grown here from the 8th century BC!

On a site visit to visit Christian Tschida (documentary coming soon) Christian explained and showcased how on one of his favourite parcels, there is a forest at the top, and this brings in a cool wind flowing down towards the lake Neusiedel. From a geological point of view, the parcel was very interesting as there was limestone at the bottom, quartz in the middle and schist soil at the top. One walk up provided a rather unique change of rocks, changing every few minutes!

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Best wines from Christian Tschida

Farming a variety of grapes including Syrah, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir and Muskateller alongside much more common Burgenland varietals like Grüner Veltliner, Blaufränkisch and Welschriesling,, there is a lot to discover with Christian Tschida.

Try his entry level wines ‘Himmel Auf Erden’ to get a sense of what Christian Tschida is about in regards to freshness and complexity, or if your budget allows, opt for a ‘Non-Tradition’ wine to taste his more serious wines, which from its name, taste and artwork is a snub at the conformist, regimented culture of Austrian winemaking - showing that wines should not have to adhere to a regional style to be considered a good Austrian wine. Hence.. his Non-tradition wines are very much made in a NON-traditional winemaking style, which is why he named them as such.

The Tschida Brutal is of equal interest, which offers a vibrant bouquet of forest floor touches and earthy scrub, similar to a premium Burgundy and as such, is one of his most sought after wines usually made from Pinot Noir..

You may notice with Christian Tschida wine labels that he is a lover of art, and you can see this instantly if visiting the winery... in fact Christian trained as a graphic designer before committing to making natural wine. His labels have evolved more recently in 2024 with Himmel Auf Erden being renamed Himmel Auf Erden ‘Grand Cuvee’ as many people confused themselves by thinking it was the producer, or even “the normal one” when in fact there is a Himmel Auf Erden Rosé, Himmel Auf Erden Rot and Himmel Auf Erden Maischevergoren, which is the only Orange wine Christian Tschida makes.

One of the most popular of the more premium Christian Tschida wines is his prized Chardonnay, called AEIOU. This is not only all the vowels in the English language, but for Christian the wine means “Loved by some who know, loathed by others”

This special wine is grown on a single parcel which is a mix of soils, mostly limestone, schist and clay, but more interestingly features vines with a double-root stock, so the vines have TWO roots, forcing more competition between themselves for water and resources, and thus higher quality grapes. The vines dig deeper, but the yield produces the same as just one vine, so it is really a production method to produce quality grapes over quantity.

Christian Tschida wine pairing with food alongside Action Bronson

Here Christian Tschida vists New York, and pairs his natural wines with some food prepared by top chefs and rapper Action Bronson. He explains about Himmel Auf Erden in particular...

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Christian Tschida’s philosophy to wine

Whilst an early pioneer to the natural wine movement alongside nearby Gut Oggau and Claus Preisinger, Christian Tschida no longer likes the term Natural Wine, as he views the term to be misleading due to such bad quality from so many growers who make wines without additives, that he does not want to be in the same box. With such meticulous attention to detail in his vines and cellar, we can understand his perspective, especially as the natural wine scene is fast evolving, and becoming increasingly commercialised in more corporate ways.

Christian is a firm believer that the best wine is made in the vest vineyards. He does not spend that long tasting in the cellar as often as possible. He gives the wine the time it needs, and focuses his time ensuring he achieves the highest quality grape bunches he can secure, whilst also experimenting with a variety of techniques, including StockKultur, a form of labour-intense growing of vines close together with a stick keeping it upright, yet giving it ample shade and sunlight. The vines dig deeper for water and provide more intense complexity, with lower yields, which is much the way Christian Tschida wants his vines to be worked. Horses are often used in the vineyards to till the soil, and cover crop, humus and top soils are crucial to the vines health, and so looked at on a regular basis. The vineyards themselves are full of life from what we saw, with lots of insects, butterflies and dragonflies enjoying the biodiversity growing inbetween the grape vines.

In the cellar, Christian uses mostly no sulphur, and if needed only in micro-doses. The wines feel alive. Electric. Vibrant and mineralic. The quality of the grapes is no question, and proves the methods Christian employs is effective, and this is why you can find his wines in many of the best restaurants in the world.

A perfectionist in every way, to quote Christian Tschida: “I’m still searching for the next dimension, for another level. I’m still searching for the Holy Grail”

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With natural wine, Burgenland is the best region of Austria in terms of quantity of natural wine producers. Burgenland has always been known for its exceptional wine production, especially thanks to Lake Neusiedl which offers a unique microclimate that fosters the cultivation of grapes with breezes and a variety of different soil tupes.

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FAQ of Christian Tschida

How do the wines of Christian Tschida taste?

Tschida wines often have a strong sense of place, reflecting the Terroir of Burgenland, Austria but to a high level with finesse and minerality being key elements to the wines. With no addition of sulphites, Tschida wines are usually vibrant and energetic on the palate, and also have excellent ability to age

What is the cheapest Christian Tschida wine to buy?

The fine natural wines of Christian Tschida are priced at a premium level, as they are premium wines. The most affordable wines from Christian Tschida are the Himmel Auf Erden range, and are as such considered the entry level into the world of Tschida.

Can I age Christian Tschida wines?

Yes! With the excellent acidity, strucuture and balance, the wines of Christian Tschida will benefit from aging, and some can go for 15-20 years still showcasing their freshness.

What is special about the Tschida Brutal?

The popular Brutal! Wine from Christian Tschida is a Pinot Noir grown at the top of a parcel, next to a forest whose cool winds keep the grapes acidity perfect. There is an actual element of a forest flavour in the Brutal wine from Tschida, similar to some Burgundy Pinot Noirs. Production is limited, so it is a rarer wine from Tschida

What are the most popular Christian Tschida wines?

Popular Christian Tschida wines include Non-Tradition Weiss, Brutal!, Himmel Auf Erden, Kapital 1, Stockkultur, Birdscape Pink, Felsen and AEIOU.

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