The never-ending search…

Despite the changes in the vineyard, Pierre was not happy with early attempts at his wine, feeling a slight disconnection of place and a never-ending feeling something was not the same as what had come before. It was at this very point a chance meeting with a local sommelier and oenologist Jacques Néuport would change the course of how work was done in the Overnoy winery. Mr Néuport would show Pierre the ways of the iconic Beaujolais natural wine guru Jules Chauvet. From here, no additives were ever used in the winery again and the usage of sulphur dioxide was stopped completely. Pierre focused solely on terroir, singularity and precision from this point, much as his grandfather had done before. This remains the focus up until this very day.

The crucial work of Emmanuel Houillon

No story of Pierre Overnoy is complete without remarking on the indelible work of Emmanuel Houillon. Manu, as he is affectionately known, came to Pierre as a viticultural and oenological apprentice in 1990, his parents being customers of Pierre’s. Following seven years of schooling and working at the side of Overnoy, he was hired as an employee. Over the years, the two had formed an unbreakable bond, some say more like father and son than anything else. In 2001, at the age of 63, Pierre Overnoy retired. Emmanuel Houillon and his wife Anne have been fully at the helm ever since, although Pierre is never far away from the vineyards or tastings in the cellar. Houillon not only continues the work learned at the side of Overnoy but brings fresh and courageous ideas to the Domaine - which Pierre admires.

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