Parisien Par Amore (52 bottles made)

Gabrio Bini
Grapes: SavagninPoulsard
Country: Italy
Wine Type:White
Vintage: 2022
Bottle Size: 1500ml
Alcohol: unknown
₩2,161,692 한국 부가가치세 별도(추후 납부 + 관세+수수료)
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Gabrio Bini is a cult-favourite natural winemaker based on the island of Pantelleria, just off the coast of Sicily. His wines are aged in Amphora and left unfined and unfiltered, with no additions.

Parisien Par Amore is one of the rarest wines he has released, with JUST 52 BOTTLES MADE! This is an extremely rare bottle from Gabrio Bini, at quite the collectors pricepoint...

This "Parisien Par Amore" is a special bottle, as is is both Savagnin and Poulsard... which is usually only grown in Jura. Gabrio visited his friends Pierre Overnoy and Stephanme Tissot. He got vine clippings of Savagnin from Pierre Overnoy and the Poulsard from Tissot, and brought the clippings back to his island of Pantelleria, and decided to grow them. He mixed both and co-ferments them in amphora, buried outside in a vineyard.

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Gabrio Bini - Parisien Par Amore (52 bottles made)
₩2,161,692 한국 부가가치세 별도(추후 납부 + 관세+수수료)

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