Fall in Love with Didier Grappe (Jura) Box DEAL

₩154,781 ₩163,045 한국 부가가치세 별도(추후 납부 + 관세+수수료)
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Most natural wine lovers will know about the wines from the tiny French region Jura and how highly regarded they are worldwide. Whilst names like Ganevat, Overnoy or Labet are well known already and sought after, there are so many other fantastic winemakers in this small region - actually it's pretty impressive just how many good natural wines are produced in a relatively small space in France.

One of these wonderful winemakers whose wines and character we instantly fell in love with is Didier Grappe. Didier is one of the most interesting natural wine producers we’ve met during our many visits to the Jura. A calm, focused and slightly-introverted winemaker, he produces natural wines without any sulphur which are enjoyable, direct and fresh!

Didier is an innovator and not afraid to do things differently. He bottles all his bottles by screwcap, farms hybrid grapes, such as Leon Millot or Seyve Villard. Hybrids allow Didier to follow his vision of pure, chemical-free farming with no spraying and deliver wines which for him are the future of winemaking. He has also vowed to never plant traditional Jura grapes ever again. 

In this box we are showing you four wines of his, some having been made from hybrids and some from traditional Jurassien grapes:

Seyve-Villard - a white wine made from the hybrid grape Seyve-Villard, similar in style to Melon d’Bourgone or Chardonnay, with a rounded mouthfeel, buttery touches and a stoney minerality.

Pif Purple - a red white blend that is very juicy and drinkable, made from the hybrid grapes Seyve-Villard and Leon Millot

Traminer Longefin - white wine mad from Savagnin, which is technically the grape Traminer, but he is not allowed to call it Savagnin on a Vin De France label, and it does not qualify for Cotes du Jura appellation as too natural in style.

Les Insouciantes - juicy red white blend with some tannin, made from all five Jurassien grapes (Trousseau, Ploussard, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Savagnin)

We visited Didier a couple of times in Jura and made this little documentary about him (with another one in the making as well), so why not watch it, whilst enjoying his interesting Jura wines:

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Fall in Love with Didier Grappe (Jura) Box DEAL
₩154,781 ₩163,045 한국 부가가치세 별도(추후 납부 + 관세+수수료)

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