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Chardonnay “Terre du Lias” MAGNUM | Natural Wine by Domaine de la Borde
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Chardonnay Terre du Lias MAGNUM

Domaine de la Borde

WOW! Jura Chardonnay perfection!

€52,66 per litre
Domaine de la Borde - Vin Jaune 2014
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New generation winemaker representing traditional Jura methods

Behind this name stands Julien Mareschal, who represents a new generation of producers from Jura. Since 2003, Mareschal cultivates 4.5 hectares just outside legendary Pupillin village. Most of the vineyard is dedicated to white grape varieties Chardonnay and Savagnin with the remaining land dedicated to red grapes Trousseau, Pinot Noir, and Ploussard. Mareschal works completely organically and has been in conversion to biodynamics since 2012. Domaine de la Borde wines quickly became known in the wine world because of their precision and directness in expressing the unique terroir of Jura. The vinification process is based on traditional methods and grapes of the region.

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