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Domaine Ligas - Roditis Barrique 2020

These 🇬🇷 vines are planted in the valleys of Mount Paiko, in the old unknown terroir of Pella, 50 km from Thessaloniki in Northern Greece.

Daughter Meli Ligas is now the main winemaker in charge of the domain, and no sulphites are used in their production at any stage.

If not aware, Roditis is a pink-skinned white grape, and unlike some of the other Roditis wines from Domaine Ligas, here it is aged in barriques which gives it excellent character.

So, how is it? Well… THIS WINE IS DELICIOUS! 🤤 😋 🤩

It's rounded yet nicely acidic, with notes of unripe banana, white flowers, vanilla and peach. Awesome wine with good aging potential yet very, very enjoyable right now too!

Will last a few days in the fridge and evolve nicely, with oaky notes moving aside to let the stone fruits blossom in a more defined way.

Domaine Ligas - Roditis Barrique 2020
Wine of the week. 32 euros


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