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Our fun box will do just that - bring the vibes until they last glass. Easy drinkers, pet-nats and glou-glous will be the life of the party. You’ll be counting the days until the next delivery.

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The adventure box sets you on the way to exploring all the corners of the globe through your glass. Be ready to rediscover some classics and meet some new or unheard-of corners.

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Are you a full-on wine nerd? Whether you’re always on the hunt for the bangers or just a seasoned enthusiast we got you covered. We’ll do the hunting for you and get you the best bits.

What was in last month's box?


As a club member you’ll get an additional 5% off any purchase you make on-site, there might even be an exclusive offer in there for you as well.


The wines we select for our subscriptions are some of the best we offer, they’re not dusty leftovers or bottles we're trying to get rid of. It’s a promise!


You’ll access a ton of exclusive content as a club subscriber. Online tastings, walkthroughs of the wines and glimpses into the producers who made them.


Hassle-free and straightforward is how we like to do things. You can manage your subscription with a few clicks, cancel, change, or even skip a month.


When are the wines shipped?

Generally, the wines are shipped in the third week of each month. You can check the product pages for the exact upcoming shipping dates of each club box.

Upcoming shipment dates:

16th November 2022 (Fun, Adventure & Nerd)

14th December 2022 (Fun, Adventure)

18th January 2023 (Fun, Adventure & Nerd)

15th February 2023 (Fun, Adventure)

15th March 2023 (Fun, Adventure & Nerd)

Does when I order affect the month my subscription starts?

Yes, there is a cutoff date for the current month's subscription. This is the day before the shipping date of each club box.

How many bottles do I get?

You will get 5 awesome bottles with every shipment - whoop whoop!

Can I add to the club shipment with wines from the online store?

Yes, you can! Just make sure you get the order to us before the 10 am Tuesday deadline and we will ship them out for you. You simply use “iforgotsomething” code at checkout and you can add up to 13 bottles to your order.

Can I have two (or more) subscriptions?

Yes, you can. You can even alter the months you receive them if you wish. This is all managed in the customer portal.

When do I get my discount code?

We will email you a personalized discount code in the days following your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

All of your subscription details can be accessed by you in the subscription customer portal on the online shop. In the subscription section, you’re able to make any adjustments and cancel or pause, if you wish.

Why are certain subscriptions sold out?

The wines for our club boxes are quite limited and unfortunately, they can sell out with membership. We do not want to sacrifice quality, so membership is limited. If you’d like to be placed on the waiting list shoot us a mail at and we’ll let you know as soon as a slot becomes available.

I don’t like the wines, can I return or swap club wines?

Unfortunately, club wines can not be returned or swapped. If you did want to cancel your subscription, you can do so in the subscription section of the customer portal.

How cool will I look in the tote bag?

Very cool indeed. All your friends will ask you where you got that awesome bag.