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Domaine des Cavarodes PosterDomaine des Cavarodes A2 Poster | MORE Natural Wine
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Domaine des Cavarodes A2 Poster

Artwork by co-owner Anika!

Cavarodes - Meandres wine
Sold out
Rastafia | Natural Wine by Domaine des Cavarodes
Sold out

Vin de Liquor Rastafia

Domaine des Cavarodes

Macvin in style

€52,00 per litre
Caverodes - La Bulette Cremant
Sold out

La Bulette (one per order)

Domaine des Cavarodes

Minor Mouse on it...

€46,67 per litre
Les Lumachelles Trousseau 2020 | Natural Wine by Domaine des Cavarodes.
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Franche Comté Blanc 2019 | Natural Wine by Domaine des Cavarodes.
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Franche Comté Blanc 2020 (one per order)

Domaine des Cavarodes

Outside Arbois AOP, hence name

€42,67 per litre
Trousseau Messagelin 2020 | Natural Wine by Domaine des Cavarodes.
Sold out

Trousseau Messagelin 2020

Domaine des Cavarodes

Earthy, complex, light, perfect.

€45,33 per litre
Domaine des Cavarodes. Ostrea-Virgula
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The Fruit of 120 year-old Vines

Etienne Thibaud, whose career developed incredibly fast, founded Domaine des Cavarodes in 2007. He managed to acquire some incredibly located parcels in Jura, containing even some ungrafted vines up to 120 years of age! A true talent in the vineyard and in the cellar, he works sustainably and ecologically, without filtration or fining, adding as little sulfur as possible and also applying chemical-free & holistic principles like herbal tea sprays and the lunar calendar to determine the vineyard activity.

The process & wines

Wines of Domaine des Cavarodes represent the essence of natural, low-intervention winemaking. The whites are directly pressed, while the reds undergo semi-carbonic maceration. Their purity and finesse helped to elevate the domain’s name into a semi-cult status, creating a massive following in the wine world. Those wines are hard to get and sell lightning fast – for a good reason.

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