Domaine Villet - A New Generation & The Problem With Glass

A while back we spent the afternoon with natural winemakers Domaine Villet of Arbois, Jura and really found their story to be quite special indeed!

You see, this domaine is going through a transition. The son, Natanaël, is currently taking over the estate from his parents Gèrard and Christine, who themselves took it on from their own family.

The 5.7 hectares estate has been making wine for a VERY long time. They have been making wine since the year 1900 and have been chemical free since 1987. Does this handover cause complications ?

Evidently yes, as different styles of working clash, and whilst young son Nate now has the reigns, supportive and kind mother Christine is still involved.

Here in this video portrait the special dynamic between mother and son is evident and the love for each other is strong - but a new generation of winemaker requires changes and to forge their own path…


What really amazed us on this shoot, was seeing thousands of empty bottles from all over Jura stored outside behind the winery. What were they doing there?!?

Watch the documentary now to find out and learn some hard truths about glass….


To celebrate the release of the documentary on Domaine Villet, we have sourced the last handful of bottles from their lovely importer Rocket Wine to offer to you on this weekend.

But they may not last long… grab them while you can - these zero-zero wines may not have flashy labels like some others but trust us, they are fantastic!