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Rosé Supernova | Natural Wine by Schödl
Sold out

Rose Supernova


Fantastic Poolside Rosé

€21,20 per litre
Pet Naturel | Natural Wine by Schödl
Sold out

Pet Naturel


Pet Nat featuring rare ROTER Riesling..

€26,67 per litre
Grün Grün Grüner | Natural Wine by Schödl.
Sold out

Grün Grün Grüner


Super Zippy

€23,87 per litre
Free Your Mind | Natural Wine by Schödl.
Sold out

Free Your Mind


Refreshing & Fun

€24,67 per litre
Sankt Laurent | Natural Wine by Schödl.
Sold out

Sankt Laurent


Fresh and Fruity

€23,87 per litre
Bloody Muscat | Natural Wine by Schödl.
Sold out

Bloody Muscat


Peachy & Herbal Muscat!

€29,33 per litre

Passion and focus on the land

It is clear the Schödl siblings are passionate about their production methods, and they aim to mix tradition with technology. In order to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible, they have traveled extensively to other vineyards outside of Austria - always to wineries fully committed to chemical-free farming. Biodiversity is important in their vineyards too, where many herbs and grasses grow in order for beneficial insects to thrive, and only natural compost is used to fertilize. They even have sheep to help with that.

Siblings with a heart and love for wine

Honest craftsmanship and minimal intervention are central to the family’s winemaking philosophy. The siblings believe in the natural flavor and taste of their grapes, intervening as little as possible to give rise to characterful individual wines that are not trimmed to “one” taste. They mainly focus production on white, rosé, and sparkling wines, although a few reds are produced as well. We particularly love their Rosé Supernova, which is amazingly fresh and summery!

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