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Zalto Universal 2er Pack | Natural Wine by Zalto.
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Universal Glasses 2er Pack


Upgrade your Glassware

Wine Glass Polishing ClothWine Glass Polishing Cloth
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Wine Glass Polishing Cloth

ESSENTIAL for your glasses!

Time-honoured tradition meets master craftsmanship

The roots of the Zalto company can be traced back to Venetian glassblowers who settled in the Waldviertel region of Austria in the early 14th century - Waldviertel has a long tradition of glass makers due to a range of raw materials. Today, it is a family-owned company, where a team of only eight people expertly craft each and every glass! While traditional, centuries-old glassblowing methods are used by highly skilled glassblowers, modern technology allows them to source the highest quality raw materials needed.

Fully experience your wines with Zaltos

The combination of master craftsmanship and the highest quality materials results in a glass that provides an unparalleled drinking experience. With the microscopically higher surface area only achievable by mouth-blowing, as well as the angles of the glass curves which are designed for wine to reach its utmost potential, the wine is able to develop as much as possible on the nose and palate. In a test conducted by reknowned European glassmakers and wine experts, Zalto Universal and Burgundy glasses were given first place for white wines, light & fragrant reds, and full-bodied reds. Choose the Universal glass for whites or lighter bodied reds, or the Burgundy for fuller reds - and remember to toast carefully!

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