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Mol 2020 | Natural Wine by Patrick Bouju.
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Mol 2021

Patrick Bouju

Bouju's most popular red!

€21,17 per litre
FrauenPower | Natural Wine by Vin De La Gamba.
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Frauenpower 2023

Vin De Lagamba

Awesome red fizz, like a dry German Lambrusco

€20,05 per litre
Gewurztraminer Orange 2017 | Natural Wine by Marada.
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€17,23 €19,24

Gewürztraminer Orange


AMAZING! A Herbal dream!

€22,97 per litre
Ottavio Rube Rosso  | Natural Wine by Valli Unite.
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Ottavio Rube Rosso 2021

Valli Unite

Budget North Italian Table Red

€15,57 per litre
SP68 Rosso 2018 | Natural Wine by Occhipinti.
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SP68 Rosso 2022

Arianna Occhipinti

Cult favourite from Sicily

€23,41 per litre
Fruitloops | Fruit Loops | Natural Wine by Claus Preisinger.
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Fruitloops Rot

Claus Preisinger

Austrian Cab Franc, Syrah & Blaufränkisch

€27,89 per litre
Pinot Noir Pur | Natural Wine by Brand.
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Pinot Noir Pur 2021


Red Fruit Party

€27,45 per litre
Naturaleza Salvaje | Natural Wine by Azul y Garanza Bodegas - Carcastillo.
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Naturaleza Salvaje (red) 2020

Azul Y Garanza

Spanish Grenache

€23,53 per litre
Josephine | Natural Wine by Gut Oggau.Josephine | Natural Wine by Gut Oggau.
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Josephine 2021 (ONE PER ORDER)

Gut Oggau

Rare Rösler Grape

€70,59 per litre
Marada - Sauvignon Orange
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€17,56 €19,24

Sauvignon Orange


Tangy, tropical, aromatic!

€23,41 per litre
Abend | Natural Wine by Meinklang.
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Abend edition 2


Vibrant Acidity Austrian Red

€33,05 per litre
Gut Oggau - Atanasius 2022Atanasius | Natural Wine by Gut Oggau.
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Atanasius 2022

Gut Oggau

Classic Gut Oggau Red

€42,35 per litre
Lulu | Natural Wine by Patrick Bouju.
Sold out

Lulu (Amphora) 2021

Patrick Bouju

Such a wonderful, rich Gamay!

€40,33 per litre
Barrica De Thierry | Natural Wine by Mendall.
Sold out
€17,23 €21,76

Barrica De Thierry 2020


Spanish Carignan

€22,97 per litre
Brutal Ment 2017 | Natural Wine by Jordi Llorens.
Sold out
€13,95 €20,92

Brutal Ment 2017

Jordi Llorens

Brutal Red

€18,60 per litre
Somewhere Syrah | Natural Wine by Poppelvej.
Sold out

Somewhere Syrah


Aussie Syrah

€31,37 per litre
Vin de LaGamba - Cuvee Royale
Sold out

Cuvée Royale 2019

Vin De Lagamba

Aged German Sekt

€43,69 per litre

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