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Poulsard| JURA Natural Wine by Domaine Villet.
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Ploussard 2022 (ONE PER ORDER)

Domaine Villet


€50,00 per litre
Domaine Villet - Cuveé Tradition 2022 (ONE PER ORDER)
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Cuveé Tradition 2022 (ONE PER ORDER)

Domaine Villet

Expect Strawberries, Eucalyptus, Rhubarb, Pepper

€49,33 per litre

History of Domaine Villet Wine

Having been founded in 1900, Domaine Villet is one of the oldest surviving domaines without change in Arbois, Jura. Making wine naturally for as long as they can remember, son Nathanaël now heads up the domain after his parents Gérard and Christine. Using no added sulphur and with a passionate approach in the vineyard, the small family Domaine Villet have plots over various spots in Arbois.

A large portion of the wine bottles are bottled from repurposed Jura bottles they collect from restaurants and bars as part of their sustainability ethos.

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Villet vineyards in Arbois

Of the Domain Villet 5-7 hectares, the estates has 7 parcels of vines across La Mailloche, La Chenaillotte, Les Bodines, Petit Genevret, En Chemenot, Les Corvées and have been farming without chemicals since 1988.

Domaine Villet grapes are split between 50% Chardonnay, 20% Savagnin, 15% Poulsard, 8% Pinot Noir and 7% Trousseau. Their Cuvee Tradition is a wonderful blend of their red wines.

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