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Univers | Natural Wine by Muchada Léclapart .
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Univers 2020

Muchada Léclapart

Gastronimic Gem

€32,16 per litre
Univers | Natural Wine by Muchada Léclapart .
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Elixir 2017

Muchada Léclapart

Gastromic Gem

€50,53 per litre

A fortuitous pairing

In 2011, Alejandro Muchada took a break from his PhD to join harvest in France - there, he was invited by his friend Clotilde Léclapart to a relative's harvest Trépail, in Champagne.

And of course - Alejandro met David Léclapart here. Intrigued by David's chemical-free & holistic practices, Alejandro returned a year later to learn from and work with David.

But, it wasn't until after Alejandro returned to Spain and David came to visit him in Sanlúcar de Barrameda in 2016, that David fell in love with the terroir and the two began their collaboration as Muchada-Léclapart.

There is around 3 hectares of land, so these wines are hard to come by considering the strong demand

Expressive wines from the Palomino grape

Alejandro manages the vineyards year-round, with David visiting as much as possible, and always for harvest.

The wines are made primarily of Palomino, a local variety used mostly for making sherry and not known for being particularly aromatic - but between these two and their immense knowledge and willingness to bend tradition, the resulting wines are incredibly bold, expressive, and unique.

Wines are saline, mineral driven and powerful. These are wines with great aging potential - and very gastronomic too, with demand from the best results in the world coming in strong.

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