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Artwork by co-owner Anika!

L'Octavin - P'tit Poussot 2018
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P'tit Poussot 2018


Her own domaine fruit

€50,43 per litre
L'Octavin - Zerlina 2018 MAGNUM
Sold out

Zerlina 2018 MAGNUM


L'Octavin Domaine Fruit

€49,30 per litre
L'Octavin - Elle Aime Magnum
Sold out

Elle Aime 2020 MAGNUM


Electric Red White blend!

€49,30 per litre

One amongst nature

Alice Bouvot started Domaine de L’Octavin with her then-partner Charles Dagand in 2005. Charles already knew that he wanted to make “natural wines” but for Alice it was a completely new world, and once she found out more about it, she completely fell in love with the ideals and realised that before she never fully felt happy in the wine world. Together they were amongst some of the first in the region to make wines without any sulphites - from 2010 they never added any - and concentrated on farming in an chemical-free and chemical-free & holistic way. .
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Working as a Negociant

She now has around 5 hectares and on top of that also produces negociant wines. She started the negociant project in 2014 and doesn’t only buy the grapes, but also personally goes to the different vineyards to pick them herself. The negociant wines are recognised by the use of the gnomes on the labels. Taste wise, L'Octavin wines are known to feature high acidity, sometime volatile, but in a beautifully balanced way that gives energy and vibrations on the palate.

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