Hey there - we're Chris & Anika!

We fell in love with Natural Wine a few years ago and have been on the hunt for interesting bottles every since.

Living in Berlin, we've been very lucky to be able to buy wines from passionate importers right from the start of our Natural Wine love affair and we adore how all the small wine importers in Berlin have their own unique taste and represent & import only winemakers that they feel truly passionate about. 

Because of that, the Natural Wine scene in Berlin is very interesting and you know where to go, whether you're looking for GlouGlou reds, Czech Pet-Nats or Italian finer wines.

In 2018 we started experimenting with the idea of what it would be like to have one platform, where you could buy amazing wines from all these small importers in one place, as sometimes it can be very hard to travel all around town to get the bottles from each importer that you love - even worse, what if you don't live in Berlin and have to travel or pay for several different deliveries to get all the wines you want?

That's how the idea of MORE Natural Wine was born: A platform that represents 12 small importers and offers what we believe to be perhaps the largest range of ONLY natural & low-intervention wines in Germany - with EU delivery!

What's unique about our webshop is that we don't hold any stock, instead we source from these trusted specialist wine importers in Berlin and pick up ordered wines from them once a week. By not holding stock, our range of wines can be large, with the prices mostly the same or very similar to buying at the importers we work with.


So how does it work?

Our webshop is all about convenience: being able to buy a wide range of natural wines in ONE place.


The way we achieve this logistically is as follows:


1. You order wines from all the great importers on our webshop until Tuesday 10am.

2. We tell the importers what wines have been ordered from their range.

3. We pick up ALL the wines every Wednesday.

4. We then pack all the orders in insured packaging and send them via UPS.

5. In Germany, your order should be with you by Friday or Saturday.



With this new model of sending wines, all we ask in return is to be patient with our shipping times (currently once a week), as you might have to wait a day or two longer than with some other webshops - we're very far away from being a next-day delivery service.

As you can tell, MORE Natural Wine would not be possible without the specialist wine importers we partner with - they're the heroes that make this wide range possible!

You can learn more about these excellent, low-intervention importers by clicking on the "Our Suppliers" section, and you can see under each single wine on the website which importer the wine has been sourced from.

Their physical shops are well worth visiting when in Berlin too... you can find their addresses in the "Info about them"-section... and do tell them we said hello!

Happy shopping!

Chris & Anika