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Powerglow White Weiss | Natural Wine by Pauline Baumberger and Alanna Lagamba
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Powerglow White


€26,53 per litre
FrauenPower | Natural Wine by Vin De La Gamba.
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Frauenpower (Edition 3)

Vin De Lagamba

Awesome red fizz, like a dry German Lambrusco

€22,67 per litre
FrauenPower Rose | Natural Wine by Vin De La Gamba.
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Powerglow Red | Alanna Lagamba and Pauline Baumberger Brand. Glow Glow
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Powerglow Red


€26,53 per litre

FrauenPower is born - Vin de LaGamba's first vintage

What resulted from her first vintage was FrauenPower - a fruity, fun, red pet-nat with explosive energy. This debut wine is deliciously approachable - perfect for pizza or grilling, parties or Netflix on the couch. Both an ode to her Italian heritage and to the women around her, feminist LaGamba says “the idea behind the name of the wine came easily. Being so lucky as to have so many strong and powerful women in my life who inspire me every day, this wine is dedicated not only to them but to all women out there (and all who identify as such).”

Wines you can have fun with

LaGamba’s mantra is to drink wines you can have fun with, and that manifests through her winemaking. She continues to experiment but sticks to sparklers; she has since produced three additional bottles, including ‘Mehr Frauen? Ja Bitte’ (More Women? Yes Please’ - another juicy sparkler), and a new vintage of FrauenPower plus a rosé FrauenPower, too. We can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

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