Emmanuel Houillon-Overnoy VIDEO INTERVIEW

Emmanuel Houillon-Overnoy took over the Jura domaine from his adoptive father Pierre Overnoy in 2000, but had been working alongside Pierre for many years beforehand.

These special natural wines from Pupillin, just up the road from Arbois in Jura are extremely difficult to find, not just because of lower productions than most producers, but because these low intervention wines are notorious for being sold on the secondary market for inflated prices, due to the huge demand from wine collectors.

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Emmanuel Houillon-Overnoy

Who is Maison Pierre Overnoy?

It can be confusing to those unaware, but Pierre Overnoy fixed the domaine in Jura, France making both red and white wines, of different styles whether oxidative and Ouille (topped up barrels)

However, he adopted Emmanuel Houillon, who was working at the domaine. Emmanuel then changed his name to Emmanuel Houillon-Overnoy, but the wines are referred to sometimes as Overnoy-Houillon, and sometimes as Maison Pierre Overnoy. Pierre Overnoy has since retired from the winemaking process, but is involved in tastings and influences the direction, although Emmanuel in charge does have a different style and technique.

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Why are the wines of Overnoy-Houillon special?

Visiting Emmanuel, known locally as Manu, and of course Pierre Overnoy who founded the domaine, it's instantly obvious both of their lifestyles comes nowhere near the big Chateaux and Burgundy producers whose wines sell on auction sites for similar high amounts, and we don't feel they would want to have such a money-orientated position either.

Both of these talented winemakers are incredibly humble, and genuinely passionate about the natural wine they produce.

They have not only made a great name for themselves as natural winemakers working without chemicals, but strongly influenced countless winemakers in the Jura region, and further afield.

Rare Overnoy Houillon Wine

Overnoy-Houillon wines, or more accuractely, Houillon-Overnoy wines are very special natural wines indeed, and even the lighter reds like their Poulsard / Ploussard have incredible aging potential - more than you might expect. The finesse of the grape and its delicate herbal qualities comes out with age.

The Savagnin and Chardonnay from Houillon-Overnoy can age equally well, and showcase the terroir of Pupillin, with its range of Marl (Marne) soils. Tasting these wines have been some of the most special wine experiences of our wine lives, but once aged is when they shine best.

Pierre Overnoy Wine

We were lucky to be able to try a 1989 Vin Jaune from Pierre Overnoy, before Emmanuel Houillon-Overnoy took over the domaine. It was so pure, so rich and yet so light it made you question if it WAS a Vin Jaune, with oxidative notes that had integrated so well into the wine it may not be clear it was a Vin Jaune with the required aging without knowing. Curry powder and nutty aromas dominated.

Pierre Overnoy Houillon Vin Jaune

It was a very special experience, shared by a collecting friend who loves to share. 

This sharing aspect leads us to the question many of you would like to know...


You will for sure struggle to find Overnoy-Houillon wines in ANY online shop, that is not an auction site with silly high prices.

You may be surprised that most of the bottles cost just around 40 euros or so for industry to buy from the domaine, yet speculative pricing, wine hoarders and resellers swarm the market, so it is incredibly difficult to find the wines. 

Even on restaurant lists, the price will be usually high but more often than not, you will see them as an off-menu item. Ask at the right kind of place, and if the owner likes you, they may offer it to you for a fairer price than what most would price theirs at on a wine menu. 


Well... if you know the right person, a bottle of latest release may cost as little as 55€, which is a price we have enjoyed a few times in a wine bar we like to visit. Restaurants may charge 120 for the exact same bottle. Others will charge up to 300. Watch the documentary below for some more crazy examples

But the auction sites... thats where most people will pay much, much more for aged bottles. Both Pierre Overnoy and Emmanuel Houillon-Overnoy do not agree with the speculative pricing their bottles are fighting against, and we can tell you from personal experience the both of them live extremely humble farmer lives.

Overnoy-Houillon Price Wine

There are no fancy cars or homes in Pupillin - most of the 200 or so inhabitants are winemakers and thats the simpe, farmers life they chose, far away from Bordeaux, Champagne or Burgundy Chateau financial scenarios...

This is why speculative pricing like what happens to their wines hits a little harder - It's not like the owners see any of the high prices the rich buyers pay for them..

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We refuse to sell these wines. If we get some, we give them away. Rumour has it there will be another Houillon-Overnoy raffle in morenaturalwine this year...