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Croix Pennet 2021 | Natural Wine by Clos Bateau.
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Croix Pennet (one per order)

Clos Bateau

56 year old vines

€39,87 per litre
Joujou 2021 | Natural Wine by Clos Bateau.
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Joujou 2021

Clos Bateau

BIG energy + vibrations !

€37,20 per litre
Sauvage 2021 | Natural Wine by Clos Bateau.
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Sauvage 2021 (one per order)

Clos Bateau

Abandoned Vines!

€42,53 per litre

Working with nature, not against it

When Thierry and Sylvie first arrived, some of the vineyards were productive but a smaller portion was abandoned old vines - the couple didn’t feel right about tearing it out, so instead they work very hard to tend the abandoned vines, resulting in low yields but some really special grapes!

Their philosophy is to work with nature, not against it, and they put a huge emphasis on biodiversity. They have planted over 100 fruit and nut trees on the vineyards, and their sheep help by eating weeds and fertilizing the soil. Herbs are collected from the land to make teas and infusions to nurture the vines. Since the beginning, one of their goals has been to certify the vines organic and this is currently pending.

Clos Bateau winemaking style

They let the moon cycles lead their winemaking decisions including in the cellar, such as when to press, bottle, and how long to macerate. Only indigenous yeasts are used for fermentation and no filtering or fining agents are used - basically, as little intervention as possible. Due to the low yields, production is very limited - they only make about 1100 cases each vintage. The wines however have already been very well received - from the light, wild and vibrant red Joujou to the impressive terroir-driven Côte de Brouilly ‘Le Pavé’.

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