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Ex vero II 2018 | Natural Wine by Werlitsch.
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Ex Vero 3 2019 (One per order)


Exceptional minerality

€63,07 per litre

Seriously Biodynamic

Werlitsch sits alongside fellow respected producers working under the name ‘Schmecke das Leben’ (‘taste the life’), which is a band of five biodynamic producers committed to low-intervention work in the cellar and vineyard, and they work together to offer advice and support when needed to all achieve the best they can each achieve - and the results show! The other members of Schmeke das Leben are all, in our opinion, absolutely fantastic. They are Tscheppe, Strohmeier, Sepp & Maria Muster and Tauss.

Ex Vero - specific plots on the slopes

The Ex Vero range are specific Opok soil (mixture of clay & silt) plots numbered in relation to how high the harvest is taken. Ex Vero I are taken from the lower slopes, Ex Vero II the middle and Ex Vero III the highest part of the slope, where the vines are known to struggle a little more due to the rockier texture. Werlitsch also makes more skin-contact focused wines like the orange wines Glück & Freude, which are released in Clay bottles. The main difference between the two are that Freude is macerated as whole bunches, whilst Glück is detemmed before maceration.

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