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Seconde Nature SN19, 1er Cru Brut Nature | Natural Wine by Bonnet Ponson.
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Seconde Nature SN20, 1er Cru Brut Nature

Bonnet Ponson

Hype Champagne!

€85,16 per litre
Vieilles Vignes Sauvignon Blanc | Natural Wine by Jezequel.
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Vieilles Vignes Sauvignon Blanc

Jean Christophe Jezequel

Old Vines from Loire. Tasty!!

€31,37 per litre
L'Octavin - P'tit Poussot 2018
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P'tit Poussot 2018


Her own domaine fruit

€50,43 per litre
Montepulciano 2002 | Natural Wine by Emidio Pepe.
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Montepulciano 2001 Decanted

Emidio Pepe


€354,07 per litre
Cellier des Chartreux 2018 (oxidative) | Domaine Pignier | Jura Wine
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Cellier des Chartreux 2019 (oxidative)

Domaine Pignier

Oxidative Jura Chardo

€42,24 per litre
Francesco Guccione - T14 Trebbiano 2014
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T14 Trebbiano 2014

Francesco Guccione

Aged for 8 years in Oak

€41,45 per litre
Champagne Blanc de Blancs 2016 | Natural Wine by Remi Leroy.
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€54,62 €62,94

Blanc de Blancs 2019

Rémi Leroy Champagne

100% Chardonnay

€72,83 per litre
Moritz Kissinger - Winzersekt
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Deutscher Winzersekt Nr. 2

Moritz Kissinger

A truly exceptional Sekt

€30,36 per litre
La Stoppa Macchina 2010La Stoppa - Macchiona 2010
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Macchiona 2010

La Stoppa

Depth and beauty. Decant.

€43,69 per litre
Marto Wines - Cuvee Alanna Pinot Noir 2020
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Cuvee Alanna Pinot Noir 2020

Marto Wines

VERY special Pinot

€36,97 per litre
Franco Terpin - Chardonnay 2015
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Chardonnay 2015

Franco Terpin

oooh, 2015 Vintage!

€35,85 per litre
Sur le Fil 2016 | Natural Wine by UGO.
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Sur le Fil 2016


Complex Sweet Wine

€53,23 per litre
Terres Bleues 2020 | Natural Wine by Touraize.
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Savagnin Terres Bleues 2021

Domaine de la Touraize

Great! A peppery beauty!

€37,53 per litre
Serragghia Zibbibo | Natural Wine by Gabrio Bini.
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Serragghia Zibibbo 2022

Gabrio Bini

The best Zibibbo...ever!

€100,84 per litre
Timo Mayer natural wine
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Timo Mayer

A Merlot gamechanger...

€69,47 per litre
La Stoppa - Macchiona 2002
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Macchiona 2002

La Stoppa

Depth and beauty. Decant.

€70,59 per litre
Vin Jaune 2015 | Natural Wine by Domaine de la Borde.
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Vin Jaune 2015 (ONE PER ORDER)

Domaine de la Borde

Oxidative Gem

€133,50 per litre
Serragghia Rosato 2018 | Natural Wine by Gabrio Bini.
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Serragghia Rosato 2022

Gabrio Bini

Red/White Blend with great energy!

€100,84 per litre
Mithra 2020 (RARE - 250 bottles!) | Natural Wine by Wine Artisans.
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Mithra 2021 (RARE, 250 bottles made)

Wine Artisans

Truly Artisan

€29,69 per litre
Hey Gro! | Natural Wine by Francois Saint-Lo.
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François Saint Lô

9.5% Grolleau !!!

€31,27 per litre
The Nerd Box #11
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The Nerd Box #11

Ganevat, Natenadze, Gut Oggau

Perricone 2015 MAGNUM | Natural Wine by Porta del Vento.
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Perricone 2015 MAGNUM (240 bottles, hand numbered)

Porta del Vento

AMAZING aged Sicilian Red

€37,53 per litre
Zalto Burgunder Burgundy 2er Pack | Natural Wine by Zalto.
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Burgundy Glasses 2er Pack


Our House Glass

Polisy Demi-Sec Réserve 2014 | Natural Wine by André Beaufort Champagne.
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Polisy Demi Sec 2014

André Beaufort Champagne

Half-Dry Champagne

€103,87 per litre
Timo Mayer - Cabernet Sauvignon
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Cabernet Sauvignon

Timo Mayer

Just INCREDIBLE! Stunning.

€69,47 per litre
Yuzu Saké | Natural Wine by Heiwa Shuzō.
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Yuzu Saké

Heiwa Shuzō

OMG you need to try this!

€43,07 per litre
La Vigne du Perron  - Ermitures (RARE,  one per order)
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Ermitures (RARE, one per order)

La Vigne du Perron

Mondeuse from Bugey

€42,57 per litre
Spigle Bocky Orange 2020 | Natural Wine by Richard Stavek.
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Spigle Bocky Orange 2020

Richard Stavek

7 different grapes in this orange

€38,65 per litre
Franco Terpin - Jakot 2018
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Jakot 2018

Franco Terpin

Complex Orange

€40,89 per litre
Serragghia Zibbibo | Natural Wine by Gabrio Bini.
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Serragghia Zibibbo 2022 MAGNUM

Gabrio Bini

MAGNUM of the best Zibibbo!

€110,37 per litre
Domaine Rouge 2013 | Natural Wine by Domaine de L'Horizon.
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Domaine Rouge 2013

Domaine de L'Horizon

80% Carignan. 20% Grenache.

€59,83 per litre
Mickaël Bourg - Saint Peray 2018
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Saint Peray 2018

Mickaël Bourg

Rhone Time

€39,21 per litre
Riesling Petershöhle 2020 | Natural Wine by Seckinger.
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Riesling Petershöhle 2020


Classic Riesling from Pfalz

€50,43 per litre
Baia’s Tsolikouri | Natural Wine by Baia's Wine.
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Baia’s Tsolikouri 2022

Baia's Wine

Amazing Winemaker

€27,89 per litre
Sepp & Maria Muster - Graf Sauvingon
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Graf Sauvignon 2020

Sepp & Maria Muster

Smokey, flinty, citrussy!

€46,49 per litre

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