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Avanti Popolo 2019 | Natural Wine by Axel Prüfer.Axel Prüfer - Avanti Popolo 2022
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Avanti Popolo 2022

Axel Prüfer

NEW blend! Read why the label is faded...

€22,00 per litre
Les Lendemains Qui Chantent | Natural Wine by Axel Prüfer.
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Les Lendemains Qui Chantent (RARE)

Axel Prüfer

Grenache from Languedoc

€42,67 per litre

Le Temps des Cerises

Axel Prüfer was born in East Germany, but since 2003 makes wine in Languedoc, France. He quickly gained a reputation for being not only an excellent winemaker, but also a friendly and likeable person with a rebellious side, too.

His vineyards are surrounded by woods, and are a beautiful example of biodiversity and balance. His original land takes up 8.5 hectares on granite and quartz land, producing grapes like Carignan, Grenache, Cinsault, Merlot and Aramon, however, he took on a further 7 hectares of vines in 2020 which he is converting to chemical free (the process takes a few years). This is why the label for Avanti Popolo is now faded, and will gain more colour each year.

Axel Prüfer - The KING of French Glou Glou

Interesting fact: To protect the plants from wild boars, Axel famously collects human hair from the hairdressers in the local village and spreads it around the vineyard. The vineyards are full of life and biodiversity... but boars eat the grapes so not very welcome!

He ferments grape juice in stainless steel or fiberglass tanks and sometimes also old barrels that don’t influence the taste.

The wines are light (his 'La Capitulation Ne Paie Pas!' wine is often 9.5%!) , yet very precise, delicious and full of life. Whilst there were problems with mouse a few years back, this does not seem to be a problem anymore, although the wines should be drunk in one sitting rather than held overnight.

Small quantities makes the Axel Prüfer wines quite sought-after.

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