The Perfect Gift For Natural Wine Lovers

Need something last minute? Tricky person to buy for? Don't know which wine to get? Buying for a wine nerd that has it all?

We can help you out with all of the above. Our gift cards start at 15 euros and can go all the way up to 1000 euros. They are also fully digital so there's no waiting time for delivery.

Give the gift of choice! Your loved one will be able to choose from 950+ of the best natural wines this planet has to offer. The cards can be used online or in our Berlin store.

Click the link to grab one now!

Gift cards for businesses

Need a gift for your team? Then natural wine makes the perfect gift! It will get your team intrigued about artisanal wine made the way it's been made for centuries and offer an eye opening sensory experience. Email us at to discuss offers.


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