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Pioneer of natural winemaking in Beaujolais

Marcel Lapierre was one of the ‘Gang of Four’, who allegedly began (or at least brought attention to) the natural wine movement in France and also raised the reputation of Beaujolais.

Marcel Lapierre took over the family domain in 1973, and after some years teamed up with Jules Chauvet. This equally legendary oenologist, chemist, winemaker, and researcher helped to fine the process of making wine without using SO2 or exogenous yeast and to cultivate the vineyard using biodynamic principles. As a result the wine is full of life and vibration, presenting the best of its terroir and Gamay variety grapes.
Marcel Lapierre's brave approach to winemaking has set a benchmark for other producers and future generations of natural winemakers. He is often mentioned in the same breath with Guy Breton, Jean-Paul Thévenet and Jean Foillard – a.k.a. the Gang of Four – a pioneering group of modern low-intervention winemakers.

Marcel passed away in October 2010, just as the wine harvesting ended. His daughter Camille and son Mathieu are now taking care of the estate. To a great joy of the wine world they decided to continue the vision and ideals of their father and Domaine Marcel Lapierre wines continue to astonish.

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