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Nova 2020 | Natural Wine by Domaine Mosse.
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Nova 2020

Domaine Mosse

Aromas of apricot & fresh almonds

€48,40 per litre
Domaine Mosse - Bangarang 2023 (Nouveau)
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Bangarang 2023 (Nouveau)

Domaine Mosse

VERY light Loire red/white blend!

€17,81 per litre
Bisou | Natural Wine by Domaine Mosse.
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Domaine Mosse

Bistro style, light crunchy Loire red

€21,40 per litre

From wine bar to winemaker

Agnès and René Mosse used to run a wine bar and bistro in Tours, but after befriending several natural winemakers in the area, decided to make their own wine. They began their training in viticulture and oenology and even gained practical experience and knowledge in Burgundy from winemakers like Dominique Derain and Frédéric Cossard, before hearing of a vineyard for sale in Saint-Lambert-du-Latay in 1999 - and the domain was born!

Brothers Joseph & Sylvestre Mosse have been working in the vineyard & cellar since 2014, and officially took over the domain from their parents in 2018. Joseph studied as a sommelier and went on to gain practical experience both in France and Chile, and Sylvestre did an apprenticeship with well-known respected natural winemaker Frédéric Cossard, as well as harvest in South Africa with natural wine producer Testalonga.

The two have been experimenting with a few new varietals, but otherwise follow in their parents' footsteps with their winemaking.

Excellent Loire wines at fair prices

The Mosse domain farms completely sustainably with some chemical-free & holistic practices, with vines of Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Gamay, Grolleau Noir, Grolleau Gris, and Chardonnay on about 16 hectares. The soils are mainly of slate and sandstone, partly covered with clay, and everything is harvested by hand with only a team of about 20 people, in order to ensure the quality of the harvested grapes.

All the wines are barrel-fermented and aged, and the whites usually go through malolactic fermentation. It is important to the Mosse family to vinify with as little intervention and sulfur usage as possible.

We adore their crunchy reds like Bisou and their classic Cab Franc, which is phenomenal. Other popular wines from Domaine Mosse include their Chenin Blanc, Moussamoussetes (a pet net), and Nova. These are delicious Loire wines that won’t break the bank - not to be missed!

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