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BRUTAL Pinot Noir de Claude | Natural Wine by Les Vins Pirouettes.
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BRUTAL de Jean Marc | Natural Wine by Les Vins Pirouettes.
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Who are Les Vins Pirouettes in Alsace?

The Les Vins Pirouettes team of 15-20 winemakers benefit from their smaller scale production in coming together, increasing volume for blended cuvees. For example, in one wine a Pinot Gris could come from one winemaker and the Riesling from another - thus doubling the production of one particular wine.

With expertise shared amongst the group, alongside founder Christian Binner until very recently guiding with experience (we hear he is now focusing his time elsewhere) - the quality of Les Vins Pirouettes is always impressive, especially given the fair prices

The Brutal Wines of Les Vins Pirouettes

The 'Brutal' Wines of Les Vins Pirouettes are some of the most popular Brutal wines in the natural wine scene. Popular bottles include Brutal de Claude , Brutal de Jean-Marc, Brutal de Stephane and Brutal de Jean-Luc.

The whole family of Les Vins Pirourettes is
Claude Straub, Domaine Goepp, Müller Koeberle, Eric Kamm, Domaine Jean-Claude Buecher, Clémence and François Bléger, Fabrice Wassler, Domaine Maurice Griss, Jean Luc Wymann, Jean-Paul Schmitt, Jacqus Ziegler, Michel Steltz, Olivier Carl, Pierre Bannworth, Domaine Engel, Domaine de l’Envol, Domaine Laurent Bannwarth, Domaine Bechtold, Domaine Gross and formally founder Christian Binner.

Les Vins Pirouettes wines are highly sought-after and change on a regular basis... so well worth natural wine lovers getting when they see them!

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