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Naked Friday Weiss | Natural Wine by Weingut Freitag
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Naked Friday Weiss


AWESOME, tropical German white.

€16,24 per litre
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Naked Friday Riesling by Weingut Freitag
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Naked Friday Riesling 2021


Solid Rheinhessen Riesling

€24,65 per litre
Freitag - Naked Friday Rot 2018
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Naked Friday Rot 2018


Fruit Forward Red

€17,81 per litre
Pinot Noir 2020 | Natural Wine by Naked Freitag.
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Pinot Noir 2020


Little wood influence

€24,65 per litre

Naked Wines from Rheinhessen

Philipp Freitag is the young winemaker from Rheinhessen running Naked Friday Wines (aka Weingut Freitag). Having inherited the vines from his father, Philipp decided to continue the chemical-free approach, but develop the resulting juice into natural wines, inspired by his neighbours like Marto, Dominik Held and Andi Mann.

The resulting wines are playful, yet full flavoured and interesting. We love his Naked Friday Weiss, which gives off tropical touches and a slight sourness we find very welcoming!

Weingut Freitag or Naked Friday?

We're honestly not sure if the name is Weingut Freitag or Naked Friday, based on the labels but we can say both work for us and we loved the labels too!

As for the wines, Weingut Freitag states “We want to be different, swim against the tide and still uphold tradition. We want to show the flag for our origin!”

Sounds bold, but Weingut Freitag aims for its wines to be suitable for everyone and every occasion - from chill evenings at home after work, to special occasions like a first date.

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