If you’ve clicked here, you’re probably wondering ‘What is Natural Wine?’

That’s actually not as easy to define in strict terms (as we and others wish it were), because there are lots of differing opinions to what makes a wine ‘natural’, and there is no official legislation or governing organisation to enforce rules or standards, unlike Organic or Biodynamic produce.

However, put simply in the most mildest of forms: Natural Wines are made using organically-farmed grapes and with truly minimal intervention in the cellar.


To expand slightly on this, mostly everyone who drinks such wines considers Natural Wines to be made adhering to the following principles:

  • Using only Organically-farmed or Biodynamically-farmed grapes (no certification required to be classed as a natural wine though).
  • The use of only natural, wild yeasts for fermentation.
  • Using no added flavour enhancers.
  • Limited use of filtration, if any.
  • Using very minimal, if any, use of sulphites during either production or bottling.

As a result of the untypical way they are made compared to mass-market wines (and even most independent wineries), Natural Wines usually taste very different.  

They can be cloudy, with a fuller, juicier mouthfeel. They can present aromas and tasting notes that will at first seem intense or strange at first, and in our humble opinion many have a lot more depth than most conventionally made wines. 

We love ‘em !

...but we will openly admit for us & others they can take some getting used to. 

And be warned if you are new to these wines… once you start enjoying Natural Wines - you may find it very difficult to go back to conventional wines again.

And it’ll be the best adventure of your life.


Please note: This document will be expanded on very soon, once we get over the launch phase of our operation :)  

If you would like to read more about Wines and Natural Wines in a very fun, simple way - check out this easy book "Wine All The Time" by Marissa Ross.