Bottle Size: 750ml
€30,00 per litre
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Alapiani Goruli Mtsvane 2018 is an expressive orange wine with notes of eucalyptus, orange bitters, hay and more herbs. 1 month on skin for it. Tannins and strong, yet drinkable.

With all Georgian wines, do not serve chilled, and allow to breathe for best results.

Behind Alapiani Winery are the two distinctive characters Merab Mirtskhulava and Avto Gigineishvili. The two know each other from the communist military era and can therefore trust each other truly blindly. Merab is the master on the vine and in the Marani, Avto takes care of all financial matters and the awareness of the brand Alapiani.

They have been producing natural wines in two climatically different regions of Georgia for several years now: in the Kakhetian dry-hot East in Vazisubani and in the interior Kartli near Okami. There, grape varieties such as Chinuri and Shavkapito grow about 550 m above sea level, where the soil is predominantly alluvial carbonated.

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Alapiani´s Marani - Goruli Mtsvane 2018
€30,00 per litre

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