"Schädelfrei“ GLUHWEIN (1 litre)

B.D Schmitt
Country: Germany
Regions: Rheinhessen
Wine Type: Red
Vintage: 2021
Bottle Size: 1000ml
Alcohol: 12%
€16,50 per litre

YES! A natural Glühwein from one of Germany's most popular natural wine producers!

This Glühwein is not only natural, but different to what you may expect, because it has no added sugar during the process (as this would not be very natural). Therefore, you need to add some yourself if you want it. The spices and seasoning are already added in at bottling. YUMMY! Just remember to warm slowly, and not never let it boil!



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B.D Schmitt - "Schädelfrei“ GLUHWEIN (1 litre)
€16,50 per litre

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