ALMA (Rare, 500 bottles!)

Daughters of Madness
Grapes: Fernão Pires
Country: Portugal
Regions: Lisbon
Wine Type: Orange
Vintage: 2019
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 12%
€23,33 per litre
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Only 500 bottles made from this young family winery in Portugal, who feature their two young daughters on the labels.

WOW - we love this Portuguese wine! It's very complex yet also nicely drinkable, made using the grape Fernão Pires.

Expect a touch of pleasant medicinal notes with white blossom touches and eucalyptus memories of Angostura Bitters (a first for us!) This really, really impressed! We think it's one of the best Portuguese wines we personally ever had!

Official Notes

Fermentation: Our orange wine slowly festered with ease on its skins and seeds. The eventual breakdown of the skin gave colour. Fermentation also helped release valuable polyphenols that helped with creating the flavour profile.

Aging phase: After the skins and seeds did their job, we then left the wine aging in talha lined with beeswax. Over time the wine slowly absorbed the flavors of not only the talha itself, but from the beeswax creating a wine containing many layers of complexity.

Tasting notes: This wine has the striking, tell tale aroma of Fernao Pires that consists of tangerine skin, summer melon, and faint honey. The wine reveals its minerality and presence of talha throughout the tasting process with a nice faint thread of acidity on the finish.

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Daughters of Madness - ALMA (Rare, 500 bottles!)
€23,33 per litre

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