We ship these wines every wednesday!We ship these wines every wednesday!

AVA Rosé (Rare, 250 bottles!)


€21,20 per litre

Price includes taxes, but not delivery

LOVING THIS! It's playful, yet with also with some complexity.

We enjoyed herbal elements alongside red cherry, lead pencil, vanilla essence... all tart and citrussy at the same time as being brilliantly fruity. FANTASTIC!

Only 250 bottles made from this young family winery in Portugal, who feature their two young daughters on the labels.

Official Notes

Fermentation: The King of Portuguese grapes, was pressed directly after harvest extracting the pigments ever so lightly from the skins. The ruby juice was slowly fermented under the cool temperatures of the winery with indigenous yeast.

Aging phase: After the majoirty of the primary fermentation was complete, the wine was transferred into the talha and sealed up tightly. The 9 month aging process helped the wine develop into a bone dry product, with a nice balance of fruit and minerality.

Tasting notes: This wine has the faint aroma of bing cherry and red fruit. The flavor is dominated by strong, clean minerality with a slight fruitiness. It has a strong dry beeswax finish from the talha with medium acidity.

Country: Portugal Region: Lisbon

Type: Rose Grapes:  Moscatel, Touriga Nacional

Producer: Daughters of Madness

Vintage: 2019 Alcohol: 12%

Bottle Size: 750ml

Price Per Litre: € 21.20

Allergies: Contains Sulphites*


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