Grapes: Chardonnay
Country: Italy
Wine Type:Sparkling
Vintage: N/V
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 12%
€66,00 per litre
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Alessandra Divella's Blanc de Blanc is a sparkling natural wine made from Chardonnay in the famous Lombardy region of Italy.

For those unaware of Franciacorta, this is a special region in Lombardy that has not been making 'Not-so-Italian-style' wine for very long - only around 60 years!

However, this region stands out, as rather than make sparkling wine in the Prosecco style over in nearby Veneto (which uses the Charmant method to achieve bubbles), the producers in Franciacorta use the Traditional Method exactly like producers in Champagne do - this is highly unusual in Italy!

What does this mean? Well, it’s a different bubble structure and could be argued is harder to achieve good results with. It generally requires more time to make, as many producers favour aging their wines on the lees (the yeasts) in order to achieve a more complex flavour profile.

Alessandra Divella is one such producer who is highly sought after in the natural wine world, and one sip of this wine and we think you will understand why if you have not yet tried her wines.

Divella and her Blanc de Blanc - a wonderful Italian Traditional Method sparkling made from Chardonnay. Truly classic and whilst not cheap, one that impresses!

This 2019 vintage spends 33 months on the lees with big bursts of green apple, lemon sherbert, vanilla and pear touches. Exceptional!


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Alessandra Divella - Blanc De Blancs 2019
€66,00 per litre

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