Cuveé Tradition 2022 (ONE PER ORDER)

Domaine Villet
Grapes: TrousseauPoulsardPinot Noir
Country: France
Wine Type:Red
Vintage: 2022
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 12.50%
€31,09 €32,77
€41,45 per litre
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Cuveé Tradition 2022 by Domaine Villet is a natural wine made in Arbois, Jura with a blend of Trousseau, Poulsard and Pinot Noir grapes. Previous vintage of this wine was an 

AWESOME Jura Red! Strawberries on the nose, leading to some eucalyptus , rhubarb, pepper. DELICIOUS!

Due to high demand and low supply, this wine is limited to one bottle per order.

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The 5.7 hectares estate has been making wine naturally for a VERY long time, since the year 1900 and chemical free since 1987. Son Natanaël is now heading up the domain from his parents Gérard and Christine, and like them, he is very focused and ambitious in his vision for the domain.

A large portion of the wine bottles are bottled from repurposed Jura bottles they collect from restaurants and bars as part of their sustainability ethos.

Growing regional grapes Savagnin, Chardonnay, Trousseau, Ploussard and Pinot Noir, Domaine Villet wines are of really high quality, and whilst some may feel the labels are old-fashioned, trust us these wines are exceptional. 



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Domaine Villet - Cuveé Tradition 2022 (ONE PER ORDER)
€31,09 €32,77
€41,45 per litre

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