Little Fluffy Clouds 2022

Fruita Analogica
Grapes: MacabeoZibibbo
Country: Spain
Wine Type:White
Vintage: 2022
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 12%
€25,20 per litre
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Little Fluffy Clouds 2022 is a natural wine crafted by Fruita Analogica, in the Catalonia region in Spain. This wine is made with Macabeo and Zibibbo grapes, and we LOVE it!

Little Fluffy Clouds is really nice and refreshing, but also herbal and rounded.. Eucalyptus dances around yellow apple, lychee, hay and banana

Fruita Analogica is the project of Vinyes Tortuga, Catalonia-based natural wine producers Dido & Jurriaan Morsink, originally from Amsterdam. Having been all around the world to make wine under some highly regarded producers (for example Escoda Sanahuja and Tom Shobbrook), the couple finally settled in Alt-Empordà, Spain.

After producing their first wines under the Vinyes Tortuga label, in 2020 they purchased a 1960s collective building in Rabós, which became the home of Fruita Analogica - a winery, restaurant, and soon-to-be accommodations as well - making it a destination for natural wine lovers.

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Fruita Analogica - Little Fluffy Clouds 2022
€25,20 per litre

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