Yellow Cidermarine (cider)

Country: Sweden
Wine Type:Sparkling
Vintage: 2018
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 5.50%
€19,50 incl. 19% MwSt GermanyClick to change country.
€26,00 per litre
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Oooh! Swedish Cider from some serious pioneers, who use fruit from abandoned orchards!

Fruit/Veg: Ingrid Marie and Mutsu 83% Carrots 15% Honey 2%

Origin: Waste apples from growers in Skåne, waste carrots from Nypling gård on Gotland and honey from Lillgården in Höör.

Pre-maceration: 4 hours

Residual sugar: 5g/l

Info: The beverage that probably changed the most from vintage 2017 is definitely this one. Sea buckthorn last year became this year’s big veggie project with a lot of waste carrots. Starting the fermentation with the apples, adding half the carrot juice to the fermentation while half fermented by itself in a separate container creating more lactic bacteria and saltiness. Added after 2 weeks.

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FruktStereo - Yellow Cidermarine (cider)
€19,50 incl. 19% MwSt GermanyClick to change country.
€26,00 per litre

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