We ship these wines every wednesday!We ship these wines every wednesday!

Maskerade Weiss 2021 (1 litre)


€32,00 per litre

Price includes taxes, but not delivery


Wow! The best maskerade vintage yet! Despite the increase in price from the estate due to a very tricky vintage, this wine is absolutely fantastic value.

This field blend vintage has skin contact, and what tastes like some Gewürtztraminer influence. Its herbal, rounded, soft and delicious!

This new family member is not a lapidary second bottling of the Gut Oggau youth series, but instead a very unique thing.

Steffi and Eduard have acquired some fantastic vineyards with different grape varieties in the past. They are cultivated entirely in accordance with the special philosophy of the winegrowing couple and these new members of the Gut Oggau wine family are also treated with the same loving care as all the others in the wine making process.

However, these vineyards are currently undergoing conversion to Demeter, and it will be some time before the special distinctive character of the vineyards becomes apparent. Then their true personality will emerge.

Only after they have revealed themselves fully, will they become part of the Family. So, the Maskerade wines capture a wonderful ephemeral moment. A snapshot in time, along a journey of discovery. Never to be experienced the same way again.

Country: Austria Region: Burgenland

Type: White Grapes: Field Blend

Producer: Gut Oggau

Vintage: 2021 Alcohol: 11.5%

Bottle Size: 1000ml

Price Per Litre: € 32.00

Allergies: Contains Sulphites*

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