Rot 2016 (Family Reunion)

Gut Oggau
Country: Austria
Regions: Burgenland
Wine Type: Red
Vintage: 2016
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 12%
€53,20 per litre
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Gut Oggau's iconic Rot 2016 (aka 'Family Reunion') is characterful & bold, yet equally fresh & easy-drinking at the same time.

The 2016 vintage has probably been the most challenging in the young history of the Gut Oggau winery. Spring frosts and hail in summer plagued the winegrowers, leaving less than 40% of the harvest.

Autumn, however, was conciliatory and delivered top quality, but too little to bottle the family members individually. So winemakers Stephi and Eduard had to let go of that idea and dazzle the remaining wines. Not many winegrowers act with such a clear head, but they knew that if you are making natural wine, you have to work with what nature gives you.

In the Gut Oggau Rot 2016 three family members stick together. The fruity and juicy Atanasius (Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt), the wild Joshuari (Blaufränkisch) and the sublime Bertholdi (Blaufränkisch). Together they make a spicy, gripping red wine with a lot of ageing potential.

The plots combined have an average age of 40 years old and are spread over limestone, slate and gravel soils.

The blend is aged in large 500 litre barrels for one year, left without any batonnage and finished with no added sulphur, at any stage.

We got notes of black cherry, bramble, cola and apple balanced with perfect fresh acidity. It's a really wonderful wine, that deserves any winelover's attention.

We suggest to not serve it too chilled to get the best expression.

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Gut Oggau - Rot 2016 (Family Reunion)
€53,20 per litre

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