Winifred 2021 MAGNUM

Gut Oggau
Country: Austria
Regions: Burgenland
Wine Type: Rose
Vintage: 2021
Bottle Size: 1500ml
Alcohol: 11.50%
€44,00 per litre

ONE PER ORDER due to limited production this vintage

2020 vintage tasting notes: Beautiful vintage this - herbacious and fruity, in just the right amount to be pretty much a perfect Rosé, with that right amount of bitterness. Nice minerality shining throughout, alongside bursts of strawberry, cranberry and a somewhat leafyness.


Winifred by Gut Oggau is an all year round rosé whose grapes come from plots of land specially created for this purpose. There is no juice extraction during the red wine production as is so often the case. The must is fermented spontaneously in large wooden containers and is not fined, filtered or additionally sulphurised during the ageing process.

Winifred is matured in large 500 litre oak barrels on the yeast for about 8 months (depending on the vintage). Winifred is a smooth, juicy and full-bodied rosé, which gets by with little alcohol and still has big flavours. Consistently dry, mineral and with animating acidity.

Family tree:

The daughter from Timotheus’ first marriage, which ended suddenly when his wife disappeared overnight. Just like her cousins, Winifred has a winning and open personality, is sociable and of a cheerful disposition.

Upon first encounter she can appear to be somewhat shy and reticent, but those that make her acquaintance remember her as a unique, refreshing and charming young lady with an inquisitive mind.

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Gut Oggau - Winifred 2021 MAGNUM
€44,00 per litre

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