Grapes: Gemischter Satz
Country: Austria
Wine Type:Orange
Vintage: 2020
Bottle Size: 750ml
Alcohol: 11%
€16,81 per litre
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#solidAHRität (CHARITY BOTTLE) by Koppitsch is a wine made in Burgenland with Gemischter Satz grapes.

This is a very special CHARITY WINE from our friends Alex & Maria Koppitsch, in cooperation with us at MORE Natural Wine and one of our Berlin partners Rocket Wine.

You might have heard that there has been some terrible flooding in the Ahr region of Germany just a couple of months ago and many winemakers in the region have been badly affected, losing most, if not even all of their livelihood.

Alex & Maria Koppitsch wanted to help in some way, so they decided to bottle a special wine, sold purely for the purpose of donation to these winemakers.

100% of the proceeds for this wine will be donated to the Rural Relief Fund of the Rhineland-Nassau Farmers and Winegrowers Association.

So what is it? It's a 6-day carbonic Gemischter Satz 2020 (using the same grapes you can find in their highest-quality Perspektive-range), picked on September 8th 2020. It was then stamped by foot and kept on skins for another 8 days, before ageing in 225L barriques with neutral oak. The wine was bottled by hand on August 5th 2021 and then labeled by hand too.

Only 150 bottles were made in total of this very special wine and it is only available from us and in Berlin at Rocket Wine.

If you want more than 3 bottles of this charity wine, do get in touch. Every single cent of each bottle sold will be donated. #solidAHRität


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Koppitsch - #solidAHRität (CHARITY BOTTLE)
€16,81 per litre

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